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We live in a special time, when Christians are faced with a choice: stay on the sidelines and watch the social processes as they happen by themselves or be an active participant of these processes.


Now more than ever is it important to uphold timeless values and to manifest Christ to a disoriented society. Today the question is, who will represent the church on the social and political arena. Such a task requires new efforts and new knowledge. Don’t miss your opportunity to influence society by being equipped with the right education.

Counseling department

REALIS Christian Counseling Center is an interdenominational, biblically rooted counseling center in Kiev, Ukraine. We believe in the absolute authority of the Bible in all matters of faith and conduct, providing a trustworthy foundation to find solutions to life's issues and problems.

The Counseling Center was created in 2004 as a place to do internships while the REALIS Counseling Program was running. This was a 3-year educational program built on the standards of MA counseling programs in US seminaries. This level of education is unique in Ukraine and countries of the former Soviet Union.


The Research Education and Light Center, known as REALIS, is an interdisciplinary center that trains Christian leaders and specialists and develops projects for strengthening the Christian witness to contemporary society.


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Tulpanova St. 59

Vorzel', Kyivs'ka oblast

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