Sociopolitical Ethics and Theology

We live in a special time, when Christians are faced with a choice: stay on the sidelines and watch the social processes as they happen by themselves or be an active participant of these processes. Now more than ever is it important to uphold timeless values and to manifest Christ to a disoriented society. Today the question is, who will represent the church on the social and political arena. Such a task requires new efforts and new knowledge. Don’t miss your opportunity to influence society by being equipped with the right education.

The National Pedagogical Dragomanov University together with the Realis Christian Center have created the program “Sociopolitical Ethics and Theology” in which the best western and Ukrainian experts will share their experience. Among the teachers of all our programs are professors from Alliance Theological Seminary, Trinity International University, Denver Theological Seminary, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary, Acadia University, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary and other leading Christian colleges and universities.

After successfully completing all the program’s requirements the graduate will receive a Master’s degree and a university diploma, as well as a “Sociopolitical Ethics and Theology” certificate from the Realis.