Historical Milestones for REALIS


A number of apologetic seminars were held in Ukraine and Russia . This initiated the idea for a ministry like REALIS.


Sergei Timchenko met with Martin Hirshmuller, the President of "Light in the East" mission ( Germany ). This meeting led to the Kiev Christian Research and Educational Center becoming a part of "Light in the East." This function of the center was to be an umbrella for three projects: an Apologetic Center , a Counseling Center , and a Communication Center . The Sociological Department and informational center (a specialized library) were added later.


The German Board of Directors for the "Light in the East" decided that the ministry of the Kiev Christian Research and Educational Center was outside the scope of the ministry of "Light in the East". The result was a partnership with "Light in the East". The transition from a division of the mission to a partner of the mission took several years.


The Kiev Christian Research and Educational Center became a temporary extension of Alliance Theological Seminary. The initial offering was a program for the "Leadership Education." This project continued three more years.


The Kiev Christian Research and Educational Center acquired its current name REALIS (Research, Education and Light Information Service).


REALIS initiated and was responsible for the organization of a Ukrainian-British conference on bioethics. The nature of this conference was not strictly religious, but REALIS wanted to affect the program and agenda of the conference. Completion of this goal required registration of REALIS as a charitable foundation whose goal was the spread of culture and spirituality in Ukraine . Meanwhile, REALIS continued to function as a department of the "Light in the East."


In June, REALIS' extension program with Alliance received official accreditation from ATS (Association of Theological School in the United States and Canada ) and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools for 10 years. Students completing this program receive a Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies.